We've gathered our most frequently asked questions, and responded to each below. If you have a question that is not listed below. Feel free to give us a call: 905.264.6789.

Q: Can you request a custom design?

A: Absolutely, in most cases we not only build our clients video brochures, we also design custom artwork. In addition we also are able to design a completely custom enclosure for you. See our “Custom Video Brochure” page for more details.


Q: Do you print Pantone colour?

A: We can print to a simulated pantone, which will give results very close to pantone, however please note that because our brochures have a protective coating the colours can change slightly.


Q: What finishes do you offer?

A: We offer: U.V. lamination and matte soft touch lamination


Q: What is your smallest print run?

A: Our smallest print run is 5 units


Q: How do I update video?

A: All of our video brochures have an exposed micro USB female port that allows you to connect to a computer to charge as well as replace the video content.


Q: How do I charge the battery?

A: The provided micro USB port allows you to connect to a computer, or wall charger (not included) for easy charging.


Q: How long does the battery take to charge?

A: This will depend on the brochures battery capacity, but generally it will be charged after 45 minutes.


Q: How long will the battery last on a video brochure before needing to be charged again?

A: This largely depends on the graphics usage, and volume used. As a general guide you can expect 70 minutes of playtime on a full charge.


Q: Do you offer a return policy?

A: As all of our orders are custom designed, we are not able to accept returns. We have a thorough quality control process to ensuring that the units you receive are in perfect working order.


Q: How much do your video brochure cost?

A: As our orders are custom tailored to your needs, it is not easy to give exact numbers until we have discussed the full requirements. The main contributing factors to the price is the quantity of the order and the screen size. Other options such as hard-cover or soft-cover shell, die cut, enclosure pocket play a role in the price. Give us a call today to receive a free consultation and quote: 905.264.6789.


Q: How long will it take to receive my video brochure?

A: We pride ourselves on having some of the fastest turn-around times in the industry. Of course there are certain factors that can delay an order, however most standard orders can be filled in 5 business days or sooner.


Q: How many control buttons can I choose?

A: Each form factor has a predetermined number of buttons See our video brochure product page for more details.


Q: Do I receive a proof before you print my brochure?

A: Yes, you will receive a digital proof showing how your design will look in the brochure form factor of your choice before printing begins.


Q: What is the difference between a regular video brochure screen and an IPS screen?

A: IPS stands for “in-plane switching”. What this allows for is greater colour accuracy at larger viewing angles. With traditional LCD screens, as you begin to look at the display from an angle, there is a dramatic decline in the picture quality and colour accuracy of the image.