What is a Video Brochure?

Welcome to Video Brochure marketing. Fusing the traditional world of print with cutting-edge video technology, Video Brochures are the ideal way to get your message out there using state-of-the-art materials including PCB board, LCD screens, speakers and lithium batteries. Whether you’re looking to market products, send out innovative invitations or business cards, or promote your new products, video brochures are an effective solution.

What is a Video Brochure?

  • Rechargeable

    With a rechargeable lithium battery all you have to do is plug in to the USB and your Video Brochure will be good to go for hours of play time

  • Interchangeable

    The content included in the Video Brochure can be swapped out at will using the USB connection, allowing another form of versatility

  • Portable

    Thanks to the convenient size and light-weight nature of our Video Brochures they are hand-held and easy to transport

  • High-tech

    With the state-of-the-art, micro-thin LCD screen your message will be played flawlessly in high-quality video. Thanks to the built in SD card this tool does not need Wi-Fi and can play for hours

  • Optional sizing

    We are dedicated to providing a brochure that fits your goals, as such we offer from 2” screen to 10” screen sizes of Video Brochures

  • Speedy delivery time

    We guarantee delivery within 5 business days on must QTY orders

  • Customizable

    Our Video Brochures are designed for you by our graphics and design team to create a marketing tool branded uniquely for your business

  • Order quantity

    Our minimum order quantity is 10, but we can accommodate orders up to 100’s of units

Video Brochures are the top choice to elevate your message, no matter the product or audience. Whether you work in real estate, development, the automotive industry, health care or retail, this product is the next best thing in marketing and will put you a step above the competition. Contact us today to see how we can customize a Video Brochures for you.